We believe the contemporary, stylish Dubai Lagoon is one of New Dubai’s premier apartment residences. A residential apartment community planned around a stunning sapphire lagoon set in the heart of New Dubai, this flagship development caters for modern lifestyles and discerning tastes. Dubai Lagoon offers incomparable tranquillity, security and accessibility. It is a place where community living is enhanced daily by the extensive water views, beautifully decorated and invigorating walkways and cleverly landscaped gardens. Take a moment to admire the glistening waters from a quaint café or relax and enjoy a meal at one of the vibrant restaurants that hug the sapphire shore – you’ll soon see that Dubai Lagoon is quite simply a perfect place to live. With apartments and walkways surrounding the bank, our deep, blue man-made lagoon has a constant filtration system that ensures the water remains fresh, clear and sapphire blue. It is a permanently romantic setting and a homeowner’s dream.The Dubai Lagoon community is just minutes away from the new airport, and is a quick, easy drive from three excellent golf courses, designed by Greg Norman and Vijay Singh. Surrounded by schools, shopping markets, cafes and restaurants, life at Dubai Lagoon is one of luxury and convenience.

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